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Description of the Tool:

SpiderFoot is a reconnaissance tool that automatically queries over 100 public data sources (OSINT) to gather intelligence on IP addresses, domain names, e-mail addresses, names and more. You simply specify the target you want to investigate, pick which modules to enable and then SpiderFoot will collect data to build up an understanding of all the entities and how they relate to each other.

The data returned from a SpiderFoot scan will reveal a lot of information about your target, providing insight into possible data leaks, vulnerabilities or other sensitive information that can be leveraged during a penetration test, red team exercise or for threat intelligence.

Project Details:

SpiderFoot website, Reconnaissance. Threat Intelligence. Perimeter Monitoring. SpiderFoot automates OSINT to find out everything possible about your target.

The SpiderFoot code can be found on Steve Micallef's Github project page.

Getting Started:

The easiest way to get SpiderFoot running is using Docker. Instructions can be found on the SpiderFoot Blog.

For full functionality API keys are required from several different sources. The list of API's and how to obtain them can be found [here].(

SpiderFoot has both a web interface and a cli option.


Presentations on the Tool:

YouTube (2018)